Consultative Approach

Partners, not vendors

We recognize that each health system we work with, whether it’s a large multi-facility hospital organization or a modest-sized home health agency, comes with its own set of nuances and challenges. That’s why our team brings a consultative approach to each engagement. We sit down with you to ask the important questions, leverage our experience, and explore how we can tailor fit our solution for your program.

Mobile and Interoperable

Molding to your hardware and software environment

New innovations only work if they fit your organizational parameters. This includes your hardware ecosystem (what mobile devices/tablets your clinicians are equipped with) and software environment (what EHR your organization is using). Parable works on any web browser and when it comes to mobile the solution is “BYOD” (Bring-Your-Own-Device) and compatible with both iOS and Android, covering over 96% of mobile operating systems. Parable was also designed with APIs and HL7 readiness to ensure your data is fully accessible, and not siloed. Whether you’re on one of the large national EHRs or a niche system, our team works with you to identify the right path to integration.

Success-oriented Service & Support

Because what's tech without service?

We’ve seen that technology alone, without the relevant services and support, will often fail (or worse, end up being a launch-and-abandon project). As such, everything we do from implementation to support and account management features a high level of touch from our team. Our aim is to be responsive, value-added, and centered around your organization’s ongoing success. Our best rollouts feature engaged customers working together with our team to collaboratively tackle issues and evolve the solution to be an integral part of your operations.

HIPAA and HITECH Compliant

We've got your data covered

Keeping patient data secure is the highest priority at Parable, which is why we built Parable to exceed industry standards. Parable combines 256-bit AES encryption for all protected health information (PHI) storage and transmission with tight process and infrastructure controls to comply with all HIPAA and HITECH regulations. Our infrastructure is built to be geographically redundant and highly available to ensure there isn’t an interruption to your service and your data is always available. During deployments, our team works with your IT and security teams to validate the Parable platform and guarantee that our solution meets your organization’s own internal standards.