Ambulatory Follow-Up

Complement or replace in-person follow-ups with store-and-forward telemedicine. Give your patients peace of mind. Collaborate on care as easily as sending a text.

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Parable gave me a convenient way to communicate with my doctor about my post-surgical recovery, and spared me the hours and expense of driving to and from the clinic. Very useful and effective tool! ‐ Patrick S., Springfield, MA

Streamline Follow-ups

Asynchronous virtual visits enable teams to better manage costs (e.g. retain more of global surgical packages) and free up time for new billable services by reducing the volume of routine follow-up appointments.

Catch Complications

Real-time images and communication from patients, combined with actionable analytics, allow care teams to respond faster, particularly between in-person visits.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Give your patients a more convenient follow-up experience and peace of mind. Studies at customer sites show that patients prefer Parable “virtual check-ins” over office visits or phone calls, with satisfaction ratings at 96%.

Virtual Check-Ins

Automated reminders walk patients through scheduled check-ins on their mobile devices, where and when it works for them. Clinicians review at their own convenience, so there’s no need to align schedules.

Guided Photos

Superimposed guide images help patients take consistently aligned photos throughout the course of their recovery.

Aligning... Aligned

Adaptive Protocol™

Dynamic assessments capture additional information from patients, adapting based on logic trees and patient input.

Simple Communication

Patient and care team, together in one simple conversation.