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Parable is used in Ambulatory and  Post-Acute Care settings (i.e. Home Health and Skilled Nursing).

The Provider Experience

iPad clinician patient wound monitoring dashboard

Continuous wound monitoring and early detection

  • Parable guides patients and nurses through a clinical questionnaire and snapshot of a wound site.
  • Wound care information is made available to the care team for monitoring via a HIPAA-compliant clinician’s portal.
  • High-level summaries allow healing to be easily assessed at a glance.
  • Quickly spot trends and detect problems before they become serious.

Simple, effective care coordination

Whether you are dealing directly with patients or coordinating with nurses or clinicians in the field, Parable makes it easy to manage many appointments. Quickly identify which cases need more attention.

Time and money savings

  • In Tertiary Care Centers, Parable yields both cost savings and quality improvement by helping care teams identify patients that need to come in for another appointment, while maintaining a careful watch on those healing at home.
  • In Home Health Agencies, Parable aids with cost savings through improved wound specialist efficiency and allows for better data collection in the field.
iPhone mobile patient or visiting nurse app for wound monitoring

The Patient Experience

Easy to teach, easy to use

Parable's user-centric design makes it easy to educate and train patients before sending them home. Patients can send updates in less than 60 seconds.

Continuous and convenient care

Parable gives physicians the tools needed to provide patients the best quality of care possible. Virtual check-ins occur more frequently and conveniently, and ensure monitoring happens throughout the entire healing process, not just in the clinic.

Better, more convenient patient experience

Follow-up visits require time off from school or work, travel, and inconvenience. Many of these are unnecessary, and with Parable, can be done in seconds from the comfort of patients' homes.

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HIPAA and HITECH Compliant

We know security is essential when it comes to protected health information (PHI). That's why we built Parable to exceed industry standards. Parable combines 256 bit AES encryption for all PHI storage and transmission with tight process and infrastructure controls to comply with all HIPAA and HITECH regulations.